T.I.G. Welding

A precision welder of stamped, fabricated and machined parts. Listed below are the different metals that we spot weld. We specialize in assembling your components to close tolerances, cosmetic requirements, and all your welding requirements.

Projection welding is a cost-effective way to weld nuts and bolts to your product. We can supply the correct weld fasteners as needed. Also, stamped and fabricated parts can be designed for this application. When several spot welds are needed, weld projections can be added for the exact weld locations. In some cases, multiple welds can be made in a one-weld operation.

Stainless Steel      

Tri-Weld Enterprises is proud to service Automotive, Aerospace, Commercial, Defense, Electric Enclosure Mfg, Furnace and Heater Mfg, Medical, Motorcycle, and many other markets



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