T.I.G. Welding
About Us

Originally started in 1970 on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio, Tri-Weld has been a consistent performer since the beginning. We have a number of customers that we have served for 30 plus years with great service, consistent quality, competitive pricing, and client discretion.

Tri-Weld always produces parts to the highest standard. Almost every stamper, fabricator, machine shop and manufacturer produces their product to different quality standards, or their own. In most cases, we can certify or conform to them.

Tri-Weld can handle shipping your products anywhere in the U.S. We use UPS, Fed Ex, or whatever shipping preferences you have.



Tri-Weld Enterprises Inc. • 4411 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113 • P: 216-281-6009 • F: 216-281-6011